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AC LED Lighting Technology

Main description:

AC LED Lighting Technology, which some one calls IC constant current , linear current regulator,

No matter what calls, it is the same way which let the LED working at a direct AC power .

it is a integrated circuit by using several smart chip( usually 10-12W/pcs) to provide a precise constant current starting from a varying input voltage source. They are ideal for replacing discrete-component LED driving solutions, providing benefits in terms of precision, integration and reliability.
An external resistor is used to set the output current up to suitable current for LED chip,

a dedicated pin can be used for PWM dimming. An open-drain pin output provides information on load disconnection conditions.



1. 20% cost of whole lamp will come down, as there are no driver cost anymore
2. comparing this circuit with the driver circuit, there are no electrolysis in this circuit which is the shortest board of the driver life hours, as we all know, simple circuit  means stable quality, as there is nothing to be failed !
3.avoild 20%-30% energy loss because of AC to DC transformation which traditional LED lighting working with drivers,
power factor is above 0.95, EMC is 100% pass, more energy saving and Environmental.

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