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LED Bulb Market Research


LED Bulb has been a very common light source now, many countries has already published the
positive policy to replace the traditional bulb by LED bulb, the market has gone up very fast in the past years.
But how to develop a high brightness,safer LED bulb at the lowest cost, is always the main thing which every manufacturer considering, Acccording to the Analysis of the LED bulb development,current technology and market researching, this report give the most possible solution of the LED bulb in the future, which is

1.Housing: bioplastic and non-isolated driver mixed material
2.non-isolated driver
3.small watt SMD LED Chip

Bio-Plastic LED Bulb 4


2.History of LED Bulb Development




a. F5 Dip LED Bulb
which is very few to be seen in the market, this is the first generation of the LED Bulb, it has many shortcoming,such as low lumen output, bad heat releasing, low lifehours and quality, only low watt available

b.Aluminium High Power LED Bulb
With the aluminium housing, it has been a possibility to produce bigger watt LED Bulb, but as the aluminium
is a conductor, it requires very strict safety solution , especially the driver in the safety design, In this way, the bulb can only use isolated driver which is more expensive than non-isolated driver, Besides this, the Aluminium LED bulb seems a little
heavier for home use.

c.”Birdcage” LED Bulb
for this new type, it has been the first time to use both plastic and Aluminum housing, but in my opinion,
it is really a bad design of appearance for a bulb which usually used indoor, big size, not sealed
which easily to let the insect get in. and the most important is that you still could see and even touch the aluminium , still didn’t solve the safety problem

d. LED Failment Bulb
It is really a very good appearance design for this bulb, very similar to the incandescent bulb, and consumer
very easy to accept it. but according to the data i got, it has a big , as high as 10-15% defect rate. the reason is that the production of this bulb require very high and strict technology, such as the LED Chip connection, what kind of gas inside,
and what’s the density, selection of driver ,every ragged process will make the bulb failed in a short time.
the cos of this bulb is vey high comparing with other bulbs. and i notice that there is no one big branded lighting manufacturer
launched this bulb, such as osram ,Philips,Toshiba, so i full believe that this bulb won’t be a main product in the market.also i found that in the market, there are some factories are publicizing their 360degree bulbs which has many strange appearance.
Please see below picture:


Hereby I want to share a declaration from the energy star of USA , which is:they are going to abolish the preious command about the full 360 light beam angle as for LED chip, the bean angle usually doesn’t exceed 120 degree,
it require too complicated design and cost to launch the full direction light output bulb but in many LED bulb used condition, the 360 degree light output is not Necessarily needed. in this way, it is only a gimmick for these bulbs , and it won’t be the Mainstream of the LED bulb market.


4.(Bio-plastic + Aluminium) Housing and Non-isolated Driver solution

4.1 Structure

Use the Bio plastic+ Aluminium housing, solve the problem of cooling and isolation perfectly,
Please see below picture


4.2 Light Source

Use the small watt SMD LED as the light source, which all of the branded manufacturers choose to produce the bulb in this way,as this let the bulb produce less heat,keep the whole bulb in a good working condition, reduce the light decray, a much more stable quality.


4.3 Non-isolated Driver

In fact, the non-isolated driver always has a better price and more stable quality comparing withisolated driver.
But why in many LED lighting, isolated driver should be the first choise? As most of the LED Lighting are produced with Aluminium housing to get the heat releasing, so isolated driver is chosen to solve the isolation issue, Now for this new solution, 100% sealed and isolation design ,absolutely the non-isolated driver is the first option to be its power supply.

Non isolated LED Driver




According to the above comparison and introduction, and this solution will be widely used in the LED Bulb
very soon as it has competitive price, stable quality, high safety, smart appearance and so on. Just like the development of energy saving lamp which from Halogen powder to mixed powder, and finally stabilize at the Tricolor powder, we believe the LED bulb with this technology is a mature and stable product,which will occpy the market very soon and keeping at least 3-5 years


Bio-Plastic LED Bulb 3


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