Tri-proof Linear Tube Light 600mm/900mm/1200mm/1500mm

1. Commercial lighting: Supermarket/Shops/Exhibition hall/Parking place/gas station
2. Public lighting: library/School/Tunnel/Metro/Bus/Train/Bus station, railway/station
3. Industrial lighting: Factory/Warehouse and Etc.

*  the lamp body design with dust-proof, anti-corrossion, waterproof function.
*  Accreditation standards: CE,RoHS
*  AC110-240V input, High PF>0.9
*  Lamp operating at low voltage inside, safety and reliability
*  LED by Taiwan high quality chip packaging, efficient energy saving 70%
*  Lamp housing and face masks are made of PC materials, with high heat
resistance and good toughness
*  Lampshades by Prism design, high degree of light transmission
*   Aluminium luminaire plate tightly together, high thermal conductivity
*  High elastic rubber ring seal between the mask and the lamp,
stainless steel buckles, protection rating IP65
*  No RF interference, radiation-free, low power consumption, high strength





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